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The Casual Fusion Look


The look is simple to assemble yet has a major role in cutting down body mass and making one look slimmer. The main idea behind this look is to combine fashion and style with comfort.

And though its winter this look will be amazing for places where winter is just a season, not an experience.


The products used to get this look are:


  1. Jacket- Max
  2. Spaghetti Top- Jockey
  3. Jeans- All


  1. Footwear- sandals with shoe tie-up detail


  1. Earrings- variation of straight dangle
  2. Adjustable ring


  1. Whitetone face powder
  2. Eyeliner- Mayebelline New York Gel Liner
  3. Kajal- Lakme eyeconic : Turquoise
  4. Lipstick- Mayebelline 695 Divine Wine
  5. Mascara- Mayebelline the falsies volume express

Halloween makeup!!

Makeup is not a mask.

Makeup is art.

Makeup is passion.

Makeup is expression.

Hey guys! So Halloween is on its way and this post is for those who haven’t planned out any outfit yet. Well the one thing that can give u the Halloween look without any pre-planned outfit is makeup.

The fact that this look is suitable for both guys and girls makes it all the more fun to try!

The comic character look

There are two things you need to keep in mind if you want this look, first, a comic character is always drawn on a 2d surface so your face should look as flat as possible and second, that the black lines are meant for showing the most prominent lines or curves of ur body. Preferably you should use a thin pointed brush and an angled brush.

If you search you will notice that comic book characters have very defined and angled eyebrows, big eyes, exaggerated eyelashes, prominent cheekbones and collarbones. That is exactly what we will be aiming for in order to get this look. I used a few reference images and surfed YouTube for video tutorials. You can click here if you want to use the tutorial that I referred to. And guys could check out this link. In order to get the dots you can either use the method shown in the video for guys or you could use the back of your brush. I finished the look with a simple yet cute double bun hairstyle.

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“Forever late” series look 2

Yesterday’s eyeliner could be today’s smokey eye if you believe in yourself…..

Hey guys! No look can be flaunted until unless you have the confidence to show it off. And you will get that confidence only if you are comfortable with what you are wearing. So the 2nd look for the series is one of the most comfy clothing.

The look consists of a formal shirt and a t-back top paired up with a pair of dark washed jeans and my skechers running shoes. The best part about this look is that you can play your magic with the buttons and wear it as per your body shape and fashion style, for example you could fasten the first 2 buttons to get a sophisticated yet fun look, or you could fasten the last 3-4 buttons to get a formal look or you could just fasten the Centre section button(s) if u have tummy fat as this way the shirt somewhat conceals it. You could use a Denim jacket instead of a formal shirt.

As for my makeup I have gone for the basics, that consists of my maybelline fit me warm honey foundation, l’oreal Paris red wine Lip liner, a mix of maybelline lip gradation lipstick in the shade mauve 1 and maybelline lipstick in the shade 695 divine wine, Lakme eyeconic black Kajal and maybelline the falsies volum’ express Mascara. You could also go for an eyeliner if u wish to. The hairstyle that I chose this time is known as boxer braids and yes this is not a fast to do hairstyle but it looks really good with the whole look. And finally the earrings I opted for are these black double sided stud. Quite frankly I like these earrings as you can decide as to which side do u want should be on the front these are available online in different shapes and sizes.

And remember “Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.”

first blog

The brain it took to create a blog!

As the title suggests making a blog is not a piece of cake. Following are the steps it took me to start one:

  1. The first thing you have to do is knowing and getting the courage to make one. It sounds simple but trust me it takes more time to do this than actually making one.
  2. Decide as to which all social media sites you want it to be on. My suggestion would be that try to make your account on maximum if not all social media sites possible, this secures your account name.
  3. Next is to decide as to where do u want your blog on. There are mainly two websites which are easily available and also easy to use i.e. WordPress and Google blogger. I would suggest to go for WordPress as it is easy to use and is very easy to personalize your blog here.
  4. Decide a name. Your blog name should be something that describes you as well as your blog. And the most IMPORTANT is that it should be available on all social networking sites. For example: my blog in future is gonna be about fashion and the one thing I adore the most and for which I am known in my friends is my earring collection. The name of the blog hence is the mixture of the two.
  5. Now get set go make your accounts.